Friday, March 8, 2013

Happy Women's Day 2013

Big Salute to all women today, 8 March 2013 as the world celebrates International Women’s Day (IWD). Our mothers, sisters, wives, daughters, female colleagues are special. But are they empowered? Are they moving forward? There can be no progress without women. As we salute all women and men on another Women's day, our question on the Women in ICT Blog is: what is the future without the empowerment of women with information and communications technologies (ICTs)?

In 2011, Jidaw observed the centenary IWD by organizing a special session on the Advancement and Empowerment of Women through ICTs with the theme, “Empower Women, Create the Future”, during its FREE IT Career Seminar. The essence of the special “Empower Women, Create the Future” session was to celebrate the achievement of women in ICT, to inform and encourage women and men about the impact women have in ICT and to promote the advancement and empowerment of women through ICTs.
Jidaw used the special session to sensitize the public and create awareness on policies, practices and action required to advance and empower women and promote gender equality with ICTs. 
Women have a place in ICT, the world needs the contribution of women in ICT and we need the ideas and contributions of women in ICT to make significant impact in society. The empowerment of women in ICT is in the interest of everyone. 

The issues behind the importance of Women’s Day are about people, development and progress. Can there really be progress with women still in chains, and left behind? Where is the voice of women? Are women able to freely make their own choices and live full lives? Do women have control? Do women own their progress, their education, their future? The challenges of development, the challenges of health, education and poverty all need the active participation and contribution of women. Women are not bystanders,  or onlookers, women are contributors and change drivers. Support of gender equality and empowerment of women is a vote for a better future.

For a better world, girls and women need support, opportunities and access to resources to develop their capabilities, talents and live their dreams. It’s about fulfilling their potentials to improve themselves and their communities. Without women in ICT there can be no progress. Exclusion and discrimination wastes the important contributions of women.

Women in ICT Blog urges you to make everyday Women’s Day!

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