Thursday, November 24, 2011

Inspiring Girls Now In Technology Evolution IGNITE Event in Nigeria

2011 Inspiring Girls Now In Technology Evolution IGNITE Event in Nigeria

BY: Chichi Okafor, IGNITE Coordinator Nigeria

Hi All:

IGNITE Nigeria Chapter had an IGNITE presentation on the 18th of November 2011. We had a super fabulous presentation at Public Affairs Section, US Consulate, Lagos Nigeria. The turnout was amazing. We had four schools in attendance. The girls asked a lot of questions - great questions!

We could have been there several more hours, if we were able. The speakers and everyone present were beyond words. The stories by the speakers were so heartfelt, inspirational, and fascinating. Even with all those girls you could hear a pin drop!! Each woman simply told her own story, which is the heart of what we do in IGNITE.

Our presenters all opened up and shared their stories and their obstacles in such a real way that we all felt truly touched very deeply. There was also lots of fun and their enthusiasm was contagious. It is obvious how much they all loved coming in to talk to the girls. We are so fortunate to have the amazing women volunteers that we have.

I want to thank our very special speakers: Ms Ore Somolu, Director, Women's Technology Empowerment
Centre (WTEC), Mrs. Folake Etomi, Shell Petroleum Development Company and Mr. Jide Awe, Chairman, Publicity, Events and Trade Services Committee Nigeria Computer Society (NCS).
You were all exceptional speakers and really connected with the young women. It was thrilling to hear all of you and watch the girls get inspired!

I also want to thank Nigeria Computer Society Lagos State, The Principal, Aunty Ayo International School, The Principal, Caleb British Schools, The Principal, Pentecost College and The Principal, Grace Schools all in Lagos for making this happen. Thank you for allowing the girls.

A heartfelt thank you goes to the Public Affairs Section of the US Consulate for supporting me. I could not have done it without you.

Now take a look at the comments from the girls, who always say it best!!
  • I liked the teachings and the life story of the speakers, Mrs. Folake and Ms Ore. They really inspired me and showed the way on how to make it in life. I learnt that hardwork does not kill. Anthonia
  • In today’s event, I liked the issue that your gender doesn’t limit you to your choice of career but make you stand out even among your peers as a successful person. The most word I heard today was “Don’t focus on your disappointment but see it as a starting point in your achievement in life”. Chidinma
  • It fascinated me how the speakers got to where they are starting from a state of confusion, facing obstacles, overcoming challenges and other things. Also the various things you can achieve with a simple ski which you think is not valuable. Timilehin
  • I love the emphasis laid on the power of women in changing lives today and having the ability to make the world a better place. Taking my time to listen I have found this very interesting, I have enjoyed it to the very best and I am sure it has made a big impact in my life. I learnt girls have the power to do anything, create anything and change (improve) technology in a big way. Shofu
  • The most interesting thing I have heard today is about the advice and the story. It made enjoy the program and made me consider having a degree in technology. I was think about being a medical doctor. Esther
  • The interesting thing I learnt today is that I can be the best among the best even if I am the only female amongst men. I could be the leader and the best. Sharon
  • We are leaders of tomorrow. Never forget that we can be whatever we want to be, we have to be hard working. Don’t let money destroy your dream. The most interesting thing I heard today was the life story of the speakers. It really touched me and made me have interest in IGNITE. They made us believe inn ourselves. Ifunanya
  • I really learnt a lot especially thinking about what I want to be in future. I also learnt that technology subjects are very important in life. Femi
  • I liked the encouragement they gave me today, I have received more insight about my career and what I want to be. I have learnt to dream big and never relent on my effort. Chimuanya

Well, what a fabulous event. I want to thank everyone who makes this all possible and for all of your continued support of IGNITE. All of you who read this, I mean you!!

See you at our next event.

Chichi Okafor
IGNITE Coordinator Nigeria

If you need more information about IGNITE, please visit or call Chichi Okafor at 08033296642 

Monday, October 3, 2011

The Empowerment of Women with ICTs

What is the future without the empowerment of women with information and communications technologies (ICTs)? Jidaw created the Women in ICT Blog to sensitize the public and create awareness on policies, practices and action required to advance and empower women and promote gender equality with ICTs. 

The recognition of women falls within the underlying concern of gender inequality. Genders are not the same, but do women have equal opportunities and access to resources? The gender equality focus is often on the position and issues of women because women deserve not just better treatment but equality. Gender imbalances with regard to access to important rights, opportunities and resources generally have a more negative impact on women and girls than men and boys.

So while the Women in ICT Blog is a resource for the celebration of the positives (women who have achieved); it is also for highlighting the negatives and the work that still needs to be done. 

We all need equality in how we are treated and equality in access to opportunities. Gender inequality is real – do women have the same opportunities to develop their capacities and talents? Are legal, marketing, customer care, catering, secretarial, entertainment, fashion and modeling the only career areas where women can excel? And we also need to take off our urban glasses - most women in Nigeria live in rural areas. Are girls and women in the rural communities really living their dreams? Or aren’t they allowed to dream?

All women have the right to participate fully in society – the right to work, vote, be educated, to seek political office, to contribute to society, to live their dreams. But Stone Age stereotyping, discrimination and inequalities limit the contributions of women. And in the patriarchal, male centred society, women are victims of rape, harmful practices and other forms of inhuman gender related violence.

Celebrating the Contributions of Women
Considering the challenges women have to face to live their dreams and realize their potentials in a male dominated world, we have no option but to recognize, respect, commend and celebrate the contributions of women.

Over the years, there have been significant changes and improvements regarding gender equality in society. All around the globe, more interest is being shown in the role of women in society. Visibility has improved in critical sectors. The number of women having real choices, outside the prisons of stereotype, has increased. Battles have been won, and women’s issues are being brought to the forefront. Though we must acknowledge the gains, the overall picture is a mixed bag and experiences differ from country to country. Some have made more progress than others. The truth however is that for many, gender equality is still a distant dream. Women are still not present in equal numbers in critical areas of business, education, technology and politics. And we must question our humanity because violence against women is still a troubling reality.

The Women in ICT Blog aims to remind the world of these issues, raise awareness, highlight the concerns and struggles of women and celebrate women who have achieved despite the odds. How should we ensure that gains are maintained, more barriers are broken and new frontiers are established in all aspects of life?

The gender equality challenge is about humanity and development. There is a direct relationship between the empowerment of women and reduction of poverty. If women can’t improve themselves, who suffers? How seriously do we want to address the problems of poverty, maternal and child mortality and illiteracy if women aren’t empowered? The promotion of gender equality and empowerment of women is in the best interest of everyone. For a better world, girls and women need support, opportunities and access to resources to develop their capabilities, talents and live their dreams. It’s about fulfilling their potentials to improve themselves and their communities. Exclusion and discrimination wastes the important contributions of women.

The bottom-line is that with support women can go very far. What value does society place on women? Hewers of wood or positive change agents? We must reject the iniquitous and seriously flawed socially constructed roles, behaviour and expectations of women and men. There are no sub-humans. You are either human or you’re not. Human beings are women and men. Not half men and men.

The Future Generation
For a better world, women need to shine without limits. The world needs their knowledge, ideas, strengths, presence, stories and experience in all areas. And women must be able to shape their own future. You see until women are full citizens and actors in social, economic, political and technological fields societies can’t benefit from their capabilities. It is a local, national and global concern (for equality, self discovery and sustainability). The empowerment of women is not a luxury but a necessity for a sustainable world. Global recognition and celebration of women is based on the realization that the empowerment of women is a condition for a better today and a REAL future of hope. It isn’t just about today. What about young girls and boys? The future generation?

Technology is the infrastructure of today’s world. It is a powerful tool that affects our future; it can’t be ignored in the quest for empowerment. Can we really talk about the advancement of women and gender equality in the absence of technology? Who are we kidding?

Jide Awe

Master Computers
Nigeria Computers

Monday, September 5, 2011

ICT Women Empowerment Africa Summit

ICT Women Empowerment Africa Summit

In recognition of the importance of empowerment of women with ICTs,  CORPTRAIN (Pty) Ltd will be hosting its 2nd annual three-day "ICT Women Empowerment Africa Summit" date 28th-30th September 2011 at the Gallagher Convention Centre in Midrand- Johannesburg, South Africa.

The event will explore initiatives aimed at effectively using ICTs to empower Women in Africa and dwells on exclusive case studies from South Africa, Uganda, Kenya & Ghana.

Based in South Africa, CORPTRAIN (Pty) Ltd, is a hundred percent (100%) black owned company offering business to business events in a form of Seminars, Training workshops and Conferences. Other organizers of the event are Frost and Sullivan and the Institute of Chartered IT Professionals.

According to the release featured topics include:
  • Overview of women, gender & ICT’s in a globalised economy
  • The changing role of the ICT profession
  • Initiatives & practices aimed at attracting more women into the ICT sector
  • Talent Management: keeping talented women on the road to success within the ICT industry
  • Impacts of radio communication on women
  • Empowering women in Africa to use ICT’s for personal advancement
  • Empowering rural women in Africa through ICT
  • Outcomes & impacts of policies on projects for women
  • The importance of ICT’s in facilitating the production and dissemination of open educational resources

For more information visit the summit link

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Women in IT: Adenike Osofisan

Women in IT - Professor Adenike Osofisan

The Women in ICT blog recognizes and celebrates the achievements of Professor Adenike Osofisan, the first woman to be awarded a PhD in computer Science in Nigeria. She is an outstanding computer professional and administrator who has an enviable track record in the computing profession. Prof. (Mrs.) Nike Osofisan's Inaugural Lecture has been fixed for Thursday the 25th of August, 2011 at University of Ibadan (U.I.), Ibadan, Oyo state, Nigeria. Time is 5.00pm @ Trenchard Hall, University of Ibadan. Title: "Transforming Data Dust to Data Gold".

A recognized IT leader, her contribution to the growth of IT in Nigeria through her activities in education, research and professionalism has been immense. Not only has she done significant academic and research work in computing, she is a seasoned and recognized university administrator, having been the Head of Computer Science Department, University of Ibadan for several years.  Professor Adenike Osofisan has publications in learned journals and conference proceedings; nationally and internationally and has been a research fellow at several world class institutions. Her area of specialisation is: Data Mining and Software Engineering.

Professor Adenike Osofisan at a public forum .... continually promoting professionalism in IT

She is well known for promoting professionalism in IT through her leading role in professional bodies including the Nigerian Computer Society and has chaired many committees set up by computing organizations. Highly regarded for her leadership efforts in Nigeria’s IT community, Professor Osofisan is a Fellow of Nigeria Computer Society (NCS) and a former President/Chairman of the council of the Computer Professionals Registration Council of Nigeria (CPN). The CPN is the organization established by government to regulate, control and supervise the computing profession in Nigeria.

She is a fellow of  the Nigerian Institute Management and a life member of the Nigeria Economic Society and member of the Association of Nigeria Woman in Science, Technology and Mathematics. Additionally, she is a member of the Association of Computing Machinery in America and Member of Computer Society, IEEE. She has been recognized at several fora within and outside the country and has won several awards for her immense service and leadership efforts in education, research and professionalism in IT. She was conferred with the Woman of Merit “Gold Award” in recognition of her contributions to the Federal Republic of Nigeria in the field of Computer Science.

Women in ICT blog observes that through her accomplishments in academics, administration and professionalism, she is recognized as a leader and authority within the computing community. In addition she continually gives back to the society through public service and by serving as an inspirational mentor and role model to many women and men in the IT profession and other spheres of life.

Continually making significant impact, she has deployed the leading positions she has occupied in her career to shape policies, support education and encourage the growth of young professionals.

Adenike O. Osofisan, B.Sc. (Ife), M.Sc. (Georgia Tech), Ph.D. (O.A.U), AMBA (Ibadan) (Data Communication and Data Mining) FNCS, FNIM. Professor  will present her inaugural Lecture on Thursday the 25th of August, 2011 at University of Ibadan (U.I.), Ibadan, Oyo state, Nigeria.  Women in ICT blog sends her Massive Congratulations for achieving this feat in her professional career

 For being such an inspiration and role model. Women in ICT Blog celebrates Adenike Oyinlola Osofisan

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Closing the Gender Digital Divide

Closing the Gender Digital Divide - Empower Women Create the Future

Just like men, more women need to use ICTs to be more productive and effective as they carry out their career and life roles in an ICT driven world. We all need to use ICT to manage information, for work and business, to interact with colleagues, friends and family, to have a voice in local, national and global communities.

For Women in ICT Blog, digital exclusion is a luxury none of us can afford. But the participation of women in ICT should not be limited to consumption. Women should be able to create and shape ICT and contribute as professionals, entrepreneurs and innovators.

So how well are women using ICT to realize their potentials? In particular how has ICT helped the economic and social development of women? Women in ICT Blog is of the opinion that gender inequalities in ICT hinder the ability of girls and women to access and use ICT.

For example, isn’t it amazing that very few women work in such an important sector (ICT)? And when women work in ICT, where do they work in large numbers? ICT creates more jobs, but in which areas do you see more women? Are most women in places they can fulfill their dreams? Highly skilled, high value added, or the “dirty and sweaty” dead-end work? At the “Empower Women, Create the Future” session organized by Jidaw Systems, Women in ICT Blog asked:  How can we grow as a nation if half of the population is not fully involved in an area that has become an imperative to innovation, business and organization? We cannot create the future in this manner.

Women in ICT at the March 2011 Free IT Career Seminar

Women need to be empowered to enhance their contribution to growth and to live their dreams. Are technologies, including ICTs, really gender-neutral? All over the globe, women’s enrollment in science and technology programs is low. Surveys conducted regularly at Jidaw's IT training center indicate the percentage of women that enroll for IT Training and certification courses is always less than 6%. Without ICT education how can women fulfill their potential with ICTs? What are the economic and socio cultural issues at play? How well informed are girls and women about ICT career and entrepreneurship opportunities? Concerning ICT, are women aware of all the issues at stake? This special session on women at the free career seminar questioned whether women are getting the right information on ICT and ICT careers. Through what lens are women looking at ICT? To the Women in ICT Blog, these are the key areas and issues of concern.

The Blueprint

Human beings discriminate. Societies discriminate. Technology does not discriminate. If you have the interest, passion, education and creative flair nothing, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, should stop you. Your ability to write a software program has nothing to do with whether you are a man or woman. To create a real sustainable future, women need to have equal opportunities for income generation, career development and improved quality of life through ICTs. With ICT skills you are able to use your abilities, potentials and ideas in different areas of technology at all levels. 

The message of the Women in ICT Blog is that we ALL need to create a just, realistic and better tomorrow when women can fully contribute and improve their communities; when women can live their dreams as ICT users, professionals and entrepreneurs. It’s time to remove the status quo barriers hindering gender equality and the advancement of women with ICTs. 

There is no other blueprint. Closing the digital divide between women and men – the gender digital divide - is the blueprint.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Scholarships for Female African Students

WAAW foundation has announced the latest round of its need-based Scholarship program for female African students admitted to a University, College or institute of higher learning in Africa. Women in ICT Blog notes that scholarships are renewable annually, following proof of the student's continued academic performance. WAAW is accepting applications from August 1 through October 30th, 2011.

Who is Eligible?
You must be a Female student of African origin, living and studying in Africa, currently enrolled in undergraduate degree program, studying in a university or college in Africa. Women in ICT Blog  observes that you must be able to demonstrate financial need and have an Excellent Academic Record.

Application Process
Scholarship applications are reviewed by the WAAW foundation Scholarship Committee, and awards are announced at the end of January for the scholarship year. WAAW will start accepting applications from August 1, 2011. Applications submitted prior to this date will not be received or reviewed. Application deadline is the 30thth of October 2011.

How to Apply
Complete the Pre Application Validation Form to ensure you are eligible to apply. Please read and follow the scholarship application Instructions carefully. Women in ICT Blog notes that you must have all required materials and essay to begin your application. Your online application must be finished in one sitting, and include the following:
  1. Application form filled out online. Hard copy or pdf applications not accepted.
  2. Curriculum vita or resume submitted online.
  3. Responses to essay questions that address your future career goals, annual budget, and how you expect the WAAW scholarship will assist in your education.
  4.  Two letters of recommendation from academic mentors/advisors
  5. Current University transcripts, where applicable will be requested ONLY after a candidate has been shortlisted. Transcripts are not required for the first round of scholarship applications..

Submitting your application
Women in ICT Blog advises that you complete all sections of the application form and submit all required materials to WAAW foundation by October 30, 2011. Completed application forms and supporting documents must be submitted electronically. Only process applications submitted online will be processed.

Scholarships Instructions

Pre Application Validation Form

For more information, please contact:

Women in ICT Blog commends the efforts and contributions of the WAAW foundation focused on Working to Advance African Women. It is the first and only non-profit organization run by African women with the focused target of promoting STEM education for African girls.

WAAW Foundation states that its mission is: "To increase the pipeline of African women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) related disciplines, and work to ensure that this talent is engaged in African innovation", with a vision, "To train and engage women leaders who contribute to technology and economic growth in Africa".
It is dedicated to ending poverty in Africa through female education.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

UN Women Gender Specialist Job Nigeria

United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women Job vacancy for Gender Specialist in Abuja, Nigeria

UN Women in collaboration with the UN Resident Coordinator Unit seeks to achieve increased accountability for gender equality results within the UN system in Nigeria.

The Need

Women in ICT Blog notes that Gender inequalities impede development and productivity. Without gender equality and the empowerment of women, development is not possible.Gender equality and Women Empowerment, one of the eight Millennium Development Goals is central to the achievement of the MDGs. The leadership of the UNCT therefore needs to effectively coordinate the gender response of all agencies in a coherent manner in order to meet desired expectations. Women in ICT Blog notes that the announcement states that analysis and harmonization for prioritization of gender equality in the development agenda is required "as currently, harmonization mechanisms on gender equality, joint analytical work and pooling of resources for gender equality as well as regular monitoring and evaluation are fragmented within the UN System in Nigeria.
The purpose of this assignment is to promote accelerated achievement of accountability for gender equality results within the UN System in Nigeria".


The United Nations System in Nigeria Consultancy vacancy.

Post Title:         Gender Specialist
Level of Post:        NOC
Type of Contract    Individual contract (IC)
Location:        Abuja.
Number of positions:    1
Duration:        30 Working Days

Application Deadline: June 8, 2011

Women in ICT Blog observes that the Consultant will work under the supervision of the UN Women, and in close co-operation with the Office of the UN Resident Coordinator. For further details on the job description and application process, please visit UNDPs corporate job site on this link Here

Please note that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

The United Nations System in Nigeria is an equal opportunity employer.

Women in ICT Blog encourages Qualified women to apply.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Women in ICT: Mrs. Jibike Itegboje

Women in ICT - Mrs. Jibike Itegboje

The Women in ICT blog recognizes and celebrates the achievements of Mrs. Jibike Itegboje, an outstanding computer professional who has an enviable track record in the computing profession.

Jibike Itegboje has been Director of Management Information Systems (MIS), Yaba College of Technology. In the profession, Mrs. Itegboje focuses on education and administration and how to improve professionalism. Her love for growing the young has seen her deploy her long stint in the educational sector to teach, guide and mentor many young women and men starting out in the IT profession. 

In addition to being acknowledged as a great professional herself, Women in ICT blog observes that she is also an inspirational mentor to younger professionals and a leader within the computing community. 

Mrs Jibike Itegboje delivering her thought provoking address at the African Children Cyber Safety Forum in 2010

Highly respected and principled, with considerable accomplishments in the field of computing, the Women in ICT blog notes that Mrs. Itegboje is a force to be reckoned with in the promotion of professionalism within the IT sector. She is a Fellow of Nigeria Computer Society (NCS) and has been Chairman of several key NCS committees including the Education Committee and the Conferences committee.   

Continually making significant impact, she has deployed the leading positions she has occupied in her career to shape policies, support education and encourage the growth of young professionals.

 She has been such an inspiration and role model. Women in ICT Blog celebrates Mrs. Jibike Itegboje

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Award for Best young Women Scientists in Developing countries

The Organization for Women in Science for the Developing World OWSDW has announced the 2011 call for Prizes for young women scientists in developing countries. The award of prizes aims to recognize and reward outstanding, young female scientists living in developing countries.  

The Organization for Women in Science for the Developing World (OWSDW) is an independent, non-profit and non-governmental body based at the offices of TWAS, the Academy of Sciences for the Developing World, in Trieste, Italy.

Its aim is to play a vital role in increasing women’s access to science and technology and in promoting greater participation of women scientists and technologists in the development process of their respective countries and in the international community.

The general objective of the Organization is the promotion of women in science and technology in the developing world with a view to strengthening their role in the development of their countries through directing their scientific activities to the improvement of the quality of life of the majority of their people.

Award for Best young Women Scientists in Developing countries
PURPOSE: OWSDW Prizes have been established to recognize women scientists working and living in developing countries who have made significant contributions to the advancement of scientific knowledge.
With the support of TWAS and the Elsevier Foundation prizes of US$5,000 will be awarded to the best young female scientists in three categories:
  • Biology,
  • Chemistry and
  • Physics/mathematics
from each of the four regions of the developing world
  • Africa,
  • Arab region,
  • Asia and the Pacific,
  • Latin America and the Caribbean
TWAS is an autonomous international organization founded in Trieste, Italy, in 1983. TWAS, which currently counts more than 900 eminent scientists as members, represents the best of science in the developing world. Its principal aim is to promote scientific capacity and excellence for sustainable development in the South.

The ELSEVIER FOUNDATION provides support for institutions in the global health and science communities working to advance scholarship and improve lives through scientific, technical and medical knowledge.

Nominees must be female nationals of a developing country aged 45 or under on 31 December 2011 who have lived and worked in a developing country for at least the past 3 years. Nominees must have received their most recent degree (Masters or PhD) within the previous 10 years.

Nominations are invited from national science academies, OWSDW members, TWAS members, senior academics (heads of departments, heads of universities), etc.
Self-nomination or nomination by selection committee members is not accepted.

Please note that the following documents must be submitted: 1. The nomination form; 2. The candidate's curriculum vitae including her full list of publications; 3. Three reference letters.

The selection process will be administered by OWSDW. The assessment will be based on achievements in the field, with particular attention paid to the nominees’ publications in international peer-reviewed journals.

Additional information and nomination forms are available from the OWSDW Secretariat (
Nominations for the 2011 prizes should be sent by 30 APRIL to:
Prizes – OWSDW, ICTP campus, Strada Costiera 11, 34151 Trieste, Italy
Tel: +39 040 2240321 - Fax: +39 040 2240689 - E-mail:

Additional information and nomination forms can be downloaded HERE

Deadline for nominations: 30 APRIL 2011

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Empower Women, Create the Future Breaks New Ground

Jidaw Systems (Jidaw) celebrated 100 years of International Women’s Day in 2011 through a special session on the Advancement and Empowerment of Women through ICTs during its March 2011 FREE IT Career Seminar. Empower Women, Create the Future

The Empower Women, Create the Future Session proved to be revealing and exciting at Jidaw's FREE IT Career Seminar on Saturday, March 12, 2011. Miss Nosa Onaiwu of Jidaw Systems delivered the lead presentation during the session. The presentation celebrated Women in general for their contribution to humanity while acknowledging that a sustainable world is dependent on the empowerment of women.

Nosa Onaiwu delivering her presentation

Advancement and Empowerment of women with ICTs

Jidaw Systems has chosen to use Information and Communications Technology (ICT) as a tool, a weapon of positive change. And Jidaw also pursues this agenda in the area of empowermenmt of women. As a force for change, Jidaw promotes and supports efforts that will lead to the advancement and empowerment of women with ICTs. On the 100th anniversary of Women's Day, the seminar provided an opportunity to spread awareness on this important issues of gender equality and the empowerment of women.

The advancement and empowerment of women with ICTs was therefore the focus of the presentation delivered by Nosa Onaiwu. The presentation celebrated Women who had achieved in the IT world - their names and achievements were mentioned - Mrs Florence Seriki (Founder, Omatek Computers), Professor Nike Osofisan (Former President, Computer Professionals Registration Council of Nigeria (CPN)), Mrs Jibike Itegboje (Forner Director MIS, Yaba Collebge of Technology), Mrs Ibukun Odusote (Permanent Secretary, Fderal Government of Nigeria) and many others.

All male participants at the seminar Standing up for Women as a mark of respect for women to honour the efforts and contributions of women
Also celebrated were female Jidaw Alumni, students who had made significant impact in ICT: Fadele Ifeoluwa Oluwatobiloba Winner of the 2010 IT Professionalism Award, Ruth Anok , Mrs Funmilola Omojola and Ajayi Dolapo Anuoluwa made the perfect score of 1,000 in the globally recognized CCNA exams.

There is still work to be done

While we appreciate the achievement of these amazons, a lot still needs to be done as a significant number of women are not using ICT to empower themselves. And fewer women are working in the high value areas of ICT because ICT has been given the mistaken identity of a "male" profession. The presentation ended with a call for specific measures to be taken to promote and encourage the advancement and empowerment of women with ICTs. Participants were advised to spread the word and do what they can in their own lives and careers to drive this positive change in society - because "Everyday is Women's Day".

Women in ICT who attended the Free IT Career Seminar

 more information is provided on this link:

Women in ICT Content and Resources

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Celebrating Women's Day in 2011

Jidaw Systems will be marking Women's day in 2011 by including a special session on the advancement and empowerment of women through ICTs in its upcoming FREE IT Career Seminar.

Fadele Ifeoluwa Winner of 2010 IT Professionalism Award representing Women in ICT

The FREE IT Career Seminar on March 12, 2011 will be marking 100 years of International Women’s Day in 2011 through a special session on the Advancement and Empowerment of Women through ICTs -Empower Women, Create the Future

More Power to Women!!! 


Nigeria Computer Society

Nigeria Computer Society
- promoting change and development for all