Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Women in ICT: Mrs. Jibike Itegboje

Women in ICT - Mrs. Jibike Itegboje

The Women in ICT blog recognizes and celebrates the achievements of Mrs. Jibike Itegboje, an outstanding computer professional who has an enviable track record in the computing profession.

Jibike Itegboje has been Director of Management Information Systems (MIS), Yaba College of Technology. In the profession, Mrs. Itegboje focuses on education and administration and how to improve professionalism. Her love for growing the young has seen her deploy her long stint in the educational sector to teach, guide and mentor many young women and men starting out in the IT profession. 

In addition to being acknowledged as a great professional herself, Women in ICT blog observes that she is also an inspirational mentor to younger professionals and a leader within the computing community. 

Mrs Jibike Itegboje delivering her thought provoking address at the African Children Cyber Safety Forum in 2010

Highly respected and principled, with considerable accomplishments in the field of computing, the Women in ICT blog notes that Mrs. Itegboje is a force to be reckoned with in the promotion of professionalism within the IT sector. She is a Fellow of Nigeria Computer Society (NCS) and has been Chairman of several key NCS committees including the Education Committee and the Conferences committee.   

Continually making significant impact, she has deployed the leading positions she has occupied in her career to shape policies, support education and encourage the growth of young professionals.

 She has been such an inspiration and role model. Women in ICT Blog celebrates Mrs. Jibike Itegboje

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