Sunday, June 17, 2012

Call for Articles for ICT Update issue on Women and ICTs

Call for articles for ICT Update issue on women and ICTs in Agricultural or Rural Development

The ICT Update publication has announced a call for articles on Women and ICTs working on agricultural or rural development projects. The content is expected to emphasize the role and position of women in African, Caribbean and Pacific countries, where ICTs (mobile phones, computers, GIS, email, internet, radio, TV, etc).

How are ICTs being employed in these areas to create jobs and improve productivity in agriculture or the rural communities. ICT Update is a bimonthly printed bulletin, web magazine, and accompanying e-mail newsletter focuses on the use of information and communication technologies in agriculture in African, Caribbean and Pacific countries. It is published in English and French, by CTA (Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation) in Wageningen in the Netherlands. 

Specifically, the publication is looking for projects that focus on empowerment, female rural entrepreneurship, capacity building, etc. Are you involved in projects of this nature? If you are, send in brief details on the technology you use, how young people are involved, and the contributions to rural development in ACP countries. ICT Update will respond with an article outline and list of questions to cover in the article, or organise a time for a telephone interview. 

In addition, the publication is interested in receiving interesting information on ICTs for women in rural areas, such as background information, recently published reports, papers or other documents, etc.

The announcements states that, "We want to distinguish new trends, want to know if women have more access to ICTs compared with some years ago and in relation to men, with what kind of ICTS they mostly work, and how ICTs can improve the empowerment, job possibilities, female entrepreneurship etc. of women in rural areas in African, Caribbean and Pacific countries". 

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